Awards and Exhibitions

100 Beste Plakate Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz for the years 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 · Foundation, Switzerland: Design For Life, A Celebration of Swiss Design Culture, Exhibition at Rochelle School, London · Image Lab 2010: Design Face Identity, A collaboration of eikones, NCCR Iconic Criticism, and the Academy of Art and Design FHNW, Basel · Stage on Paper, 2nd International Performing Arts Poster Design Exhibition, Beijing · Poster festival Weltformat 2015, 200-year anniversary of tourism in Central Switzerland · Panatom Gallery Berlin, Independent exhibition space for contemporary expositions with an emphasis on graphic design, 2012 · International Award for Students in Design and Architecture: Output 11, Output 12, Output 14

Thanks to our clients

Amt für Kultur St.Gallen, Ammann Siebrecht Photography, Ammann Partner, Apetit, Appenzeller Bier, Bollhalder Eberle Architects, Coiffure Duett, Cocktails & Bitters, Einholz, Fischer Papier, Glory Hazel, Jorma Mueller Photography, Kafi Franz, Kaltehand Natasha Waters, Kosho Cosmetics, Laura Bilgeri, Manuel Moreno, Marazzi Reinhardt Architects, Niedermann Architects, Phytopharma, Reithalle St.Gallen, Roman Signer, Silk, Sonst, Staatsarchiv St.Gallen, Stefanie Biggel, Textilmuseum St.Gallen, Theater and Symphonyorchestra St.Gallen, Thomaten und Beeren, UBS Switzerland, University of St.Gallen, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Thanks to our friends

Dinamo for the exclusive use of the incredible Inhouse Gothic and unbeatable Bänziger Hug for the fluent coding. We are happy to share our studio with Kasper-Florio, Laura Prim and Ladina Bischof as well as to have Rino Crescente downstairs, Nina Paim and Fabian Harb with Otto upstairs. R.I.P. Robert from vis-à-vis.

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